are Off The Ground's competitive dance teams. Each year, our Groundbreakers teams perform in four competitions, two dance showcases and an end of year recital. Dancers can choose to perform in up to 3 competitive styles, including Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip-Hop. Our Demi, Major, and Pro companies allow for dancers of varying experience to audition, but all involved are serious dancers who wish to improve their skills and experience through dedicated training, competition, and being part of an amazing team. Team requirements include:
• Audition for team placement
• One weekly, hour-long technique class in Ballet
• One weekly, hour-long technique class in Leaps & Turns
• One weekly, hour and a half long Groundbreaker class for each competitive style chosen

Groundbreakers' Competitive Styles:

Hip Hop

Hip hop dancing has evolved over the years and keeps evolving today. From popping to breaking to commercial choreography, your dancer will learn how to become diverse in various hip hop styles. With focus on body isolations, musicality, and texture of movement, your dancer will learn a fun and influential way to dance.



Jazz dancers will learn a variation of classic and contemporary jazz technique, with a focus on isolations, pirouettes, leaps, and energetic movement. Classes consist of warm-ups, across the floor progressions, and center combinations.




Contemporary dancing is a mix between balletic movement, jazz technique , and modern/contemporary dance that is choreographed to the lyrics of a song.  Lyrical is a great way for you dancer to become more graceful and mindful of connecting emotion with movement while still learning engaging choreography.



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